Friday, April 13, 2012

Update - Chase Plans, 4-14-12

Tomorrow is one of those days that just looks absolutely scary...forecast I posted below has verified in every regard - in fact, it's actually gotten stronger. Leaving in a couple hours - 14 hour drive through the night to OKC, get there about 4 AM, sleep for 5 hours, thinking about heading up to Wellington, KS after that. Going to have to marathon it back to Pensacola Saturday night/Sunday...should be able to pull it off non-stop.

OKC metro - Wichita metro and points in Loaded gun setup, potentially historic tornado outbreak unfolding. One of those chase days where you have a sick feeling in your stomach as you watch it all come together. Area up at the triple point in NE/IA also looks dangerous.

I'll post some nowcast updates as data permits...time to make it 3-3 for wedges on high risk days.

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