Wednesday, May 29, 2013

GoPro Timelapse Video of the Rozel, KS Tornadoes!

First chunk of footage is from the Ness City, KS tornadic supercell...we dropped that and headed down to the Rozel cell. My chase partner Jonathan Williamson put a GoPro on the hood, and this is what it saw...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monster Wedge Tornado! - Bennington, KS, May 28, 2013

Got incredible footage of a photogenic, monster wedge tornado near Bennington KS today! Video is below! First 10 minutes are of the wall cloud developing and cycling...tornado touches down at 10:05.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Incredible Rozel, KS Tornadoes! May 18, 2013

Pulled down 6 tornadoes over a 5 day chase trip last week, including 4 incredible close-range tornadoes near Rozel, KS. The first one of the day was the strongest, garnering an EF-4 rating.

As we came out of the rain curtains after core punching the storm from the north, a huge cone tornado appeared out of the mist, backlit by the sunset. 

We got closer, eventually watching a second tornado develop and rope out about a half mile in front of us.

We blasted back east after the second tornado had dissipated, and captured the third tornado of the day from 1/4 mile away! 

This third tornado was the most beautiful and photogenic tornado I've ever witnessed. It cycled through several different shapes, eventually re-forming as a rope tornado under a brilliant mammatus-filled sunset behind us. 

I'm still editing the video from this day, but it'll most likely be a week or two until I'm able to finish up. In the meantime, looks like there's solid chances of tornadoes in Kansas the next two days, with a dryline play in SW Oklahoma Wednesday to finish out my trip!