Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 14th, 2014 chase and 2014 season wrap

Flew from Atlanta into Kansas City early Saturday morning to chase with Brady. Ended up on the Stockton, KS cell...first time I've been in that area since I broke down there in 2011. Beautiful supercell that ramped up hard after dark and produced a couple nocturnal tornadoes. Nothing like what would happen later in the week, but there was no way to make it work to be up there for that, unfortunately.

Here's a collection of the best shots I got this year....tough year. What a grind. All told, somewhere between 12 and 13,000 miles, chased Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Wyoming, and Colorado, and ended up in a few more states than that.

Incredible stacked plates supercell near Brooksdale, MS. This storm had earlier produced the EF-4 tornado that impacted Louisville, MS.

Stovepipe tornado near Yazoo City, MS on April 28th.

Mammatus over Oklahoma City on May 8th.

Loaded up and headed north towards storms on May 10th.

Radar grab as I get into position on a big hailer in NE KS on May 10th.

My Jetta parked in front of a developing supercell in NE KS on May 10th.

Crazy inflow tail/wall cloud structure on the beast storm in SE Nebraska on Mother's Day, May 11th.

Monster EF-3 1.5 mile wide wedge tornado near Beaver Crossing, NE on May 11th.

Gorgeous LP supercell near Martin, NE on May 19th.

Nice LP storm SW of Torrington, WY on May 20th.

Rapidly rotating wall cloud near Denver International Airport on May 21st.

Insane HP beast near Denver International Airport on May 21st.

Sculpted meso near Stockton, KS on June 14th.

Crazy mothership structure just across the NE border near Red Cloud, June 14th.

Large wall cloud after dark east of Hastings, NE, right before dropping a couple of brief tornadoes.

Hopefully fall season throws us some bones...everyone who couldn't play Nebraska/South Dakota this week sure needs it. It's a wrap for Spring 2014. 4 tornadoes, and a feeling of unfinished business. Redemption will come.