Sunday, April 15, 2012

5 tornadoes! - 4/14/12 KS/OK tornado outbreak

Snagged 5 tornadoes today, including twice where we had two on the ground at once. Intense day...awesome structure led to frustration early on as the first 5 storms just couldn't do it...then ended up getting chased down the worst roads I've ever driven in by an incredible 400 yard wide multi-vortex tornado within 100 yards. Working on video now - it's sick. Here's a few shots...didn't get good stills of the tornadoes - just too much going on.

Incredible wall cloud in SW KS.

Tornado #1 back in the rain...ended up being a gorgeous elephant trunk.

Close-up of the wall cloud.

This was our last shot before all hell broke loose...closest I've ever come to being hit on a chase. 100 yards.

One of the tornadoes in Major county, OK.

Video to follow!

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