Sunday, March 5, 2017

2-28-17 Washburn, IL Tornadoes

Nice start to the season with 3 tornadoes from Washburn, IL and points east. Obviously rusty, getting stuck blasting north to the river crossing at Lacon and ending up about 10-15 miles behind the first tornado when it touched down. Recovered in time to get within a mile or so of the final tornado of the day.

Washburn EF-3 from way too far away

Final tornado video...crazy getting through the tree line just in time to see the barn roof get lifted. 

All in all, best start to a season I've ever had, getting on the board on the first chase and some solid daytime IL tornadoes. RFD was luckily very dry, lending the tornadoes to surprisingly good visibility from the northwest...rarely see that.