Sunday, May 26, 2013

Incredible Rozel, KS Tornadoes! May 18, 2013

Pulled down 6 tornadoes over a 5 day chase trip last week, including 4 incredible close-range tornadoes near Rozel, KS. The first one of the day was the strongest, garnering an EF-4 rating.

As we came out of the rain curtains after core punching the storm from the north, a huge cone tornado appeared out of the mist, backlit by the sunset. 

We got closer, eventually watching a second tornado develop and rope out about a half mile in front of us.

We blasted back east after the second tornado had dissipated, and captured the third tornado of the day from 1/4 mile away! 

This third tornado was the most beautiful and photogenic tornado I've ever witnessed. It cycled through several different shapes, eventually re-forming as a rope tornado under a brilliant mammatus-filled sunset behind us. 

I'm still editing the video from this day, but it'll most likely be a week or two until I'm able to finish up. In the meantime, looks like there's solid chances of tornadoes in Kansas the next two days, with a dryline play in SW Oklahoma Wednesday to finish out my trip!

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