Monday, June 27, 2011

Quick summary...

Looks like the chase season is quickly drawing to a's a summary!

March 22nd: Creston, IA tornado

March 26th: AL/MS bust, but a bust with an amazingly wrapped meso.And Risley yelling a lot. If you haven't chased with Ris, you haven't lived. 100% serious.

April 3rd: Couple of supercells/rotating wall clouds in IA...also my only speeding ticket of the season.

April 9th: 10 tornadoes in Iowa, including at least two separate times with 2 tornadoes on the ground at once.

April 10th: Crappy chase in WI...terrain cost us views of several tornadoes. Basehunters got them, though.

April 15th: Cold-core setup in IL yields a couple of funnels and cool structure.

April 19th: Never happened.

April 22nd: Chased the STL supercell/tornado from Jefferson City through STL, got a brief glimpse of the tornado over New Melle, and documented damage at the airport afterwards.

May 7th: 4 non-condensated tornadoes in eastern IL...quick spin-ups, but we were really stinking close.

May 11th: Got stuck in Kansas for either a week or a year and one week. Still not sure which.

May 22nd: Iowa crapshoot while Basehunters stole the show again.

May 24th: Canton, OK tornado. Which will probably be the best tornado of my life.

May 25th: Ellsinore, MO tornado.

June 20th: 3 tornadoes in NE, with one only 100 yards away.

And...there was a Nebraska bust in there somewhere. Forgot the date, though.

So, 21 tornadoes, 7 tornado days, a catastrophic car failure, almost got shot at in MS because of homogenized cream, and...just mostly epic. Lots of lessons learned, lots of friends made, and already counting down to next year!

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