Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of May summary...


It's been an amazing year so far. I haven't had time to figure out all the numbers, but my rough figures (since March 22nd) are:

20 chases
18 tornadoes
7 tornado days
Over 12,000 miles

I've been in 10 states, and chased 9 of them:

Illinois (4 tornadoes)
Iowa (11 tornadoes)
Oklahoma (1 tornado)
Tennessee (just passed through)
Missouri (2 tornadoes)

We've had video on CNN, ABC, CBS, and The Weather Channel. I've stopped cars on the interstate from driving into a tornado, and I've checked houses to see if people were injured minutes after a tornado hit. I've driven through some of the worst conditions imaginable, seen (and been hit by) hail up to and a little larger than baseballs. I've seen tornadoes up to a mile wide. I've been 200 yards from a violent EF-3, and been hit by a weaker tornado.

If there's a year I've been waiting for all my life, this is it. And, I needed to make this one count...I may not be able to be out at all next year, depending on how things progress with the Navy. But, for now...it's been epic. And, here comes June.

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