Monday, April 18, 2011

Chase Log - 4-15-2011

Chased a local cold-core setup with Jesse Risley...ended up with a couple of nice rotating wall clouds/funnels, and a storm that tried to put a tornado down right on top of us a bit south of Springfield, IL...just couldn't get it done. Pretty crazy...insane rotation and a nice funnel, literally right over us...could feel the surface winds changing and rotating as it passed overhead. Also saw some golf-ball sized hail. Hopefully we'll have video edited at some point...I'll post it when I can.

I'd go more in-depth into everything, but I'm in the middle of working extra hours/immersing myself in tomorrow's (4/19) setup...potential for a few significant tornadoes exists over MO/IL if the morning convection can clear out...stay tuned!

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